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Why do we tint our vehicle windows for heat rejection but not our windshield? Because we do not want to limit visibility. Denver Auto Tint offers a CLEAR film to go on your windshield that will reject 45% or more of the heat & all of the damaging UV from coming through your windshield. It is the best window tinting investment you can make!

The cost to tint most windshields is $179.

Denver Auto Tint offers the high quality Black Pearl Nano Ceramic 75 windshield tinting product. This Lifetime Warrantied film is CLEAR & LEGAL to be applied to your windshield in Colorado! Black Pearl Nano Ceramic 75 rejects:

  • 47% of the Solar Energy
  • 87% of the Infrared Heat
  • 99% of the Damaging UV

Tinting your vehicle to keep heat & damaging UV rays out without tinting the largest window in your car seems ironic. That is because it is! If you are concerned about the heat & UV coming into your vehicle, tinting your windshield is the best investment you can make.

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