Original window tints used oxides or dyes to achieve color which resulted in fading, purple discoloration, and bubbling. Film technology has evolved, attaching a metal coating to a much improved polyester substrate. Current films will last for decades without fading, cracking, peeling, or bubbling. All residential window tints have a lifetime warranty. Commercial films include a ten-year warranty.

Below is a brief description of the different technologies currently available in the window film market. A SunGlo consultant is available to help you determine which type of film is correct for your needs:

  • Reflective: Reflective film is made using aluminum. These films are some of the highest performing products (because they reject/absorb a high amount of solar energy), offering very high value. Reflective films create a shiny, mirror like exterior appearance. These products can be used on commercial building to updated the exterior look and add uniformity to a building’s windows.<
  • Non-Reflective: Non-reflective window film is likely the most popular film utilized today. It is available in a variety of colors, performance levels, and price points. This is a popular genre because of its good quality and minimal change of building appearance.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic window film has been a critical step up in technology. This technology offers high performance and a look that is nearly undetectable. Ceramics make window film a viable option where a clear, natural view is desired. Different manufactures have used various types of ceramics to reject and absorb solar heat. Ceramic film is especially adept at infrared absorption.
  • Sputtered: “Sputtered” window tints are that which are made with thin layers of precious metal layered on-top of each other to create a dense, low reflective and high performing window film. These films are known for being very light while still reducing a tremendous amount of heat. V-KOOL is an industry leader in sputtered window film products. SunGlo is the exclusive provider of V-KOOL’s products in Colorado.
  • Blister Free: Blister Free window film, produced only by Madico, allows for non-glass material like Plexi to be filmed. Because of the nature of substances such as Plexi Glass, window film was not an option. Madico’s Blister Free Film provides the opportunity to apply solar, safety, or graffiti-free film to Plexi Glass windows.

Window tint is a progressing technology. Advancements have provided an opportunity for tint to be used on more applications, meeting more diverse needs. What will come next?