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Vista Window Film LogoSunGlo Window Films is apart of Llumar’s premium dealer network allowing us to offer the exclusive Vista product line. Vista materials are some of the highest quality architectural window films available. Marked by outstanding heat rejection performance at very light shades, these products work exceptionally well to improve the solar performance of existing Colorado glass in both commercial and residential properties. At their core, Vista window films are one of the most economical methods of controlling the sun in terms of rejecting heat, blocking harmful UV and limiting bothersome glare.

Light Shade High Performance Solar Window Film From Vista

The Vista product line is made up of a broad range of high quality residential and commercial window films. The most impressive films they offer are light shade heat and UV rejecting films. We love how these light solar film preserve the interior of your home from sun damage, reject high levels of heat and improve the energy efficiency of your building; all without significantly changing your view or the look of you windows. Apply Vista Window Film to enjoy your windows and view MORE!

Exterior Window Film Leaders

Vista is the industry leading line of exterior rated window films through their Atmosphere Exterior Series. This product line has a strong scratch resistance coating giving them the durability to stand up to the elements. Not only is the Atmosphere Series durable, but it also boasts the most darkness and color options of any exterior window film product line in the industry.

Applying heat rejection tint to the exterior surface of glass gives the absolute best heat rejection performance possible. By stopping heat before it reaches the surface of the glass (as it does with interior film applications), you are keeping the very most potential heat out of the property. Exterior applied window film also gives tremendous flexibility to retrofit nearly any property in any situation with high performance window tint.

Vista’s Atmosphere Exterior Series

While Vista specializes in light shade solar film and exterior window tint, they also boast a full line of metalized and dual-reflective residential and commercial films. Their full product line is made in America and comes with top-of-industry warranties. SunGlo is proud to represent the quality and exceptional performance that Vista Window Films represent.

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