Light Window Film When You Want It. Dark Window Film When You Need It.

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Transitional, photochromic window film created by CoolVu is changing the architectural window film market. CoolVu’s industry changing transitional film change darkness based on the intensity of the sunlight your glass is exposed to. It “transitions” from a lighter shade to darker when direct sun shines on it. You get the darker, more protective film when you need it, yet more natural light when you don’t!

Performance Excellence

CoolVu’s transitional window films are made of a spectrally selective ceramic material that offers impressive heat rejection performance rivaling the highest performing traditional heat reducing solar films. The most impressive part of the heat rejection performance of these transitional films is they perform extremely well even prior to transitioning to the darker shades. Plus, the heat rejection gets even better once it darkens! Like all other high quality window films, CoolVu rejects 99% of harmful UV, protecting the interior of your home or business.

One of the biggest benefits of a transitional window film is the that you will get significantly better glare reduction during direct sun exposure. This gives you a lighter film allowing more natural light and better view when there is no direct sunlight. When the sun comes blasting in, CoolVu darkens and rejects much more of the bothersome glare. The best of both worlds!

Popular CoolVu Products:

  • CV 75/50 – 75% Before Transition | 50% When Darkened
  • CV 55/35 – 55% Before Transition | 35% When Darkened
  • CV 35/20 – 35% Before Transition | 20% When Darkened

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SunGlo Window Films is an authorized Elite Dealer of CoolVu Photochromic Window Film. We believe that CoolVu has changed the window film game by developing the world’s first stable transitional window tint. The value of maximizing your protection during sun exposure while maximizing natural light & visibility absent of direct sun exposure creates incredible value for our customers. Transitional window film is the next big thing in window coverings!

Schedule a free CoolVu Window Film consultation with SunGlo! During the consultation you will see a demonstration of the different transitional window tint options from CoolVu and discuss how it will benefit your specific circumstances. Your SunGlo Representative will also measure each of your windows, present you with their film recommendations and give you a detailed price quote on the spot.

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