SunGlo Window Films is a Proud Member of  Madico’s Exclusive Sunscape Program


Madico Window Films offers a premium dealer program known as Sunscape. The Sunscape program is comprised of only the best Madico representatives offering Madico’s most exceptional solar window film products. Participants in this program have exclusive access to the six best solar films that Madico has to offer.

SunGlo Window Films is one of four Sunscape dealers in Denver, and the only one in both Northern Colorado & Durango.

The Sunscape product line is made up of some of the very best metalized films in the industry. With stunning optical clarity, excellent performance & great value, these products are sure to WOW you! Sunscape metalized product lines include:

  • Designer Grey
  • Softlite (Bronze)
  • Starlite
  • Purelite

Beyond metalized films, Madico’s Sunscape dealers also have the privilege of offering the Advanced Ceramic line. Made from ceramic materials (versus the metals of typical window film) Advanced Ceramic films offer excellent solar heat rejection with very little change to the appearance of the window. Advanced Ceramic films are know for low levels of reflectivity, perfect for store fronts & homes with stunning views!

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A highly celebrated benefit of choosing a Sunscape product is that it will carry an upgraded warranty that totals five years versus the two year warranty carried by standard Madico products. This warranty is also extendable at the time of installation.

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