Reduce Heat & Stop Glare with Solar Control Window Film

Reduce Heat & Glare With Solar Control Window Film

Solar window film rejects heat-producing infrared rays, lowering the temperature of a building during warm months. It can also reduce the glare that keeps employees from seeing their screens or annoys customers. Plus, unlike older forms of tint, solar window film offers a clear, natural view.

One of the most compelling benefits of solar window film is its ability to reduce a building’s: energy consumption, energy costs, & Carbon Footprint. Window film is an affordable way to improve the efficiency of your current windows. If replacing your windows is not in the budget, commercial window tinting can afford you much improved efficiency at a fraction of the cost.

Applications for Solar Window Film

  • Any business or building that is bothered by uncomfortably warm areas or “hotspots”.
  • A business that experiences troublesome glare which causes problems for employees or customers.
  • Any building owner concerned with reducing energy costs.
  • Property or business owners desiring to reduce their Carbon Footprint.

What does it mean to me?

  • Reject heat producing infrared rays from entering through windows during sun exposure & heating up the building.
  • Reduce the white visible light that causes bothersome glare.
  • Insulate windows from allowing heat inside the home to diffuse outside during cooler months.
  • Keep “hot spots” from forming in large buildings.
  • Allow HVAC systems to control the temperature inside the building, instead of exterior conditions.
  • Increase energy efficiency with your CURRENT windows.

SunGlo Solar Window Film Products

  • Madico SunScape Select – High quality, high value film with top notch scratch resistance.
  • Madico MAC Ceramic – Maximum heat rejection with an astonishingly clear & natural view.
  • V-KOOL – Industry leading technology produ in high heat rejection while being almost entirely clear.


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