SunGlo Is Your SafetyShield Premier Partner in Denver

SunGlo is Your SafetyShield Premier Partner in Denver

SunGlo Window Films has been selected as one of the ELITE security window film service companies to carry the SafetyShield Premier Partner designation. In order to receive this designation, SunGlo has undergone extensive product & installation training covering all window security systems in the SafetyShield program. We are directly trained by Madico’s SafetyShield Team in both recommending & implementing security window film systems!

Why Choose A SafetyShield Premier Partner?

Improvements to the security of your glass can be complicated based on exposure, risk, true need & your current window systems. Madico Window Films, the manufacture of SafetyShield products, highly values the accurate recommendation & installation of their premium safety films. For this reason, Madico has invested in an ELITE group of Window Film organizations to mold into specialists on window security. We are proud to be your SafetyShield Premier Partner in Denver.

Choosing a SafetyShield Premier Partner for your window security needs gets you access to a SPECIALIST who is trained to turn your windows from a security liability to a security ASSET.

SafetyShield Products

SafetyShield Product Performance Specifications

Madico’s SafetyShield program offers a full compliment of premium quality security films ranging from 7 MIL thick to 15 MIL thick. These products show superior strength ratings (Tensile Strength, Break Strength & Peel Strength) to most other security films in the industry. The product line is focused on clear films that are impossible to detect. Madico’s clear security films are known for excellent clarity, maintaining the appearance of your glass.

Included in the SafetyShield product offering is also a variety of 8 MIL thick tinted security films in varying colors & darknesses. These films are perfect for areas of your property that need both security & the protection of solar film.

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