A Truly Clean & Professional Window Tint Shop

Clean Is In The Air

Denver Auto Tint believes that the only way to produce quality Denver automotive window tinting results is to have a clean & organized shop. When tinting windows, anything in the environment can end up between your glass & the film; forever an annoyance and distraction. This is why Denver Auto Tint has put together a beautiful shop that is not only welcoming for our customers, but is kept clean & tidy at all times.

It Was Made For YOU

Our shop was not just made for us to work; it was made just for YOU. Not only do we have valuable displays & demonstrations to help you make a good decision on which window tint to select, our shop boasts a comfortable waiting room and free wireless internet for your convenience.

Easy Peasy

Comfortably located on Wadsworth Blvd between Sunrise Sunset Cafe & Goodwill, Denver Auto Tint is easy to find and access. Being right on Wadsworth, our store efficiently accessible from ANYWHERE in Denver! Plus, we are in a safe area where you can be confident about the security of your vehicle.

Our store is located at:
1460 S Wadsworth Blvd
Lakewood, CO 80232

Schedule your Denver Automotive Window Tinting or Clear Bra Appointment NOW! Call Or Text: (303) 578-4804