SunGlo IS NOW offering low-e window film!

Low-e window film is designed to increase the insulation properties of your CURRENT windows.
This is perfect for home or building owners wanting to upgrade windows to contemporary technology without the hefty cost of replacing glass!

Low-e window film will significantly lower the U-value of your older windows, keeping more heat inside and increasing window efficiency during winter months. Not only will low-e window film increase the insulation of your windows, it also carries the other social benefits of window film!

Applications for Low-E Window Film

  • Homes or buildings in cooler climates (i.e. Durango, Co) seeking winter heat retention for energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Homes that use alternative energy or that strive to be energy efficient.
  • Structures with older windows faced with high replacement costs.

What does it mean for me?

  • Significantly better winter heat retention qualities for your current windows improving the energy efficiency and comfort of the underlying building.
  • Reject heat producing infrared rays from entering through windows during sun exposure and heating up the building.
  • Receive benefits similar to that of contemporary low-e windows without the high replacement cost.
  • Increase energy efficiency with your CURRENT windows.

SunGlo Low-E Window Film Products

  • Solar Gard Low-E 50 – A beautiful, high quality film with IMPRESSIVE energy savings characteristics. Low-E 50 fits well on both residential and commercial applications.
  • Madico Low-E Window Film – In the research stages of development. This film will become a part of our lineup immediately after release.