People have become aware of saving environment. With extensive damage done to the ozone layers and the ecosystems overused and abused humans have taken note of the importance of protecting the environment. Most of the energy emitting products used by humans gives out huge quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. This has continued for hundreds of years resulting in excessive pollution, global warming and climate changes. CRC or Carbon Reduction Commitment is a motto that is fast being taken up by companies.

Public and Government organizations have taken up efforts in preventing further damage to the environment by promoting the use of energy saving environment-friendly products. Carbon footprint is the accumulated quantity of carbon dioxide that gets emitted due to extensive fossil fuel consumption. Currently there has been a growing awareness to reduce carbon footprint. The aim is to enhance the natural performance of our environment. Factories, industries and buildings spread across the entire world have been responsible in massive CO2 emissions. Installing solar-control window tinting products is the most cost effective way to reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Reducing Carbon Footprint and ensuring Cost-effectiveness- Window films are known to reduce high quantities of energy consumption. By applying window tinting products, homes and offices become cooler (because of the prevention of heat and UV rays) which lessens the need for drapes, expensive glares, air conditioners and coolers.

Window films are low cost products. They save a lot of money when compared to other heat-reducing and sun-control products. So get more value for less money spent. Who would not want less cost and better value for their money? Ways that reduce carbon footprint:

  • Solar control window films save huge quantities of GHG emissions from getting into earth’s atmosphere.
  • Cost of carbon for a solar energy reducing window film is calculated to be one kilogram per square meter. Whereas a square meter size of energy-efficient wooden window is found to have a cost of 253 kilograms of carbon.
  • Window films are beneficial to earth’s environment in every possible way. Accumulated costs of wastes are much more than these retrofit window products.

Environmental Impact of Window films- Save your environment and be intelligent by including window films in your lives. Besides reducing substantial amount of energy window films help increasing the balance and life of earth’s environment. A window film is manufactured, extracted from its raw material, distributed and disposed without causing any kind of harmful impact in the environment.  It has been tested and certified by many government and private organizations for being the most environment- neutral product.

Other Significant Environmental Benefits of Window Films- There are several benefits brought about by window films:

  • It prevents UV ray from entering buildings and living spaces. Humans are saved from potential diseases like cancer which is a known effect of UV ray exposure. Household items are saved from being damaged.
  • Lessens sun’s heat and glares from entering home and office spaces.
  • Introduces safety, security, privacy and health benefits.

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