Denver Glare Control Window Tinting

Lessen Annoying Glare With Solar Window Tint

White light, better known as glare, can make areas of your home uninhabitable at various times of the day. Denver window tint can significantly reduce this annoying glare, allowing you to watch your TV, see your computer screen or simply eat at the Kitchen Island. Solar window tint allows you to enjoy the natural light and views of your windows MORE by reducing the annoying glare that causes you to pull your blinds/shades & darken your home.

Glare Protection Window Tint Applications

  • Homes with large East, West or South exposures.
  • Residences with limited tree or overhang protection.
  • A home with a television or computer screen facing large, unprotected windows.
  • Any home with a high traffic living areas facing unprotected window exposures.

What Will Glare Protection Window Tint Do For Me?

  • Enjoy your windows & view without annoying glare.
  • Limit the time that you will need to close your blinds/shades.
  • Utilize televisions and computer screens with less glare.
  • Have greater comfort in living spaces throughout the day by not being subjected to annoying white light.

SunGlo’s Residential Window Tinting Product Lines

  • Madico SunScape – High quality, high value film with top notch scratch resistance.
  • Madico MAC Ceramic – Maximum heat rejection with an astonishingly clear & natural view.
  • V-KOOL – Industry leading technology in high heat rejection while being almost entirely clear.