Frequently Asked Questions About Window Tinting Services

Products & Warranties

Q: Is there a ” One-Way Mirror” tint that will make it so I can see out but others cannot see in both during the day & at night?

A: No. We do have reflective films that will allow you to see out & restrict others from seeing in as long as the exterior light source is greater than that of the interior (i.e. during the day). However, once the exterior light source is eliminated (i.e. the sun goes down) people outside will be able to see in once again. Other options in this situation would include decorative frosted window tinting.

Q: Does window tinting have to be dark to reduce incoming heat?

A: No. SunGlo actually specializes in extremely light window films that are excellent at reducing heat. In fact, the V-Kool window film line that we carry is solely comprised of VERY light films that are excellent at reducing heat.

Q: What window films do you have that will reduce the fading & sun damage happening in my home?

A: All of the films we carry eliminate 99% of harmful Ultra-Violet radiation that causes the majority of fading & skin damage.

Q: Does applying window tint void the warranty on my windows?

A: As with any retrofit modification, window film does void any remaining manufacture warranty you have on your windows. However, to compensate for this, the manufactures of our window film will add a new warranty onto your windows. Click on these links to learn more about our Commercial Warranties & our Residential Warranties. These warranties are added whether you have remaining window warranty prior to the film installation or not (many of our customers’ windows are actually out of warranty). Please contact us with additional warranty questions.

Q: Is the window tint itself warrantied?

A: Yes. Most of our residential products are lifetime warrantied. Commercial warranties vary by product. Click on these links to learn more about our Commercial Warranties & our Residential Warranties.

After Care

Q: How do I clean my windows once they are tinted?

A: During the first 60 to 90 days the window film is curing to the glass & should not be cleaned. Following the curing period, your window film can be cleaned with normal cleaning habits except for the use of abrasive tools or solutions. Also, anemone based cleaning solutions should be avoided. Learn more about window film after care here.

Q: When the tint was installed it looked perfect. The next day little bubbles appeared. Is the film defective?

A: No, these are known as “curing bubbles”. These frequently appear in the days & weeks following your installation. As the film begins to cure to the glass, they will slowly go away. The curing bubbles will be gone once the film is fully cured to the glass. Learn more about window film after care here.

Q: Can the window tint be scratched?

A: Yes it can. SunGlo has selected to represent products with excellent scratch resistant layers. However, if they can be scratched with force.

The Window Tinting Process

Q: Are any chemicals used in applying window film?

A: No. The only liquids used by SunGlo in applying your window tint is water, dish soap & rubbing alcohol.

Q: How much room do you need on the day of installation for equipment & setup?

A: We need a clear, in-door 10’x10′ area to setup our equipment & work in.

Q: How long will it take to tint my windows?

A: This can only be answered once the totality of your project has been assessed. However, most residential window tinting projects are completed by SunGlo in one full day or less.