Protect your home from damaging UV rays with UV protection window film from SunGlo.

Control Sun Damage With UV Protection Window Film

What causes that beautiful painting on your wall to fade? Or the pillows on your couch? UV rays are not only dangerous to your health but are damaging to your personal belongings. UV rays cause the break down of: pigments, dyes, & polymers. SunGlo’s UV protection window film is the answer to this problem. UV protection film increases the lifespan of your floors, furniture, & wall hangings. The Louvre, The Smithsonian Institute and Disneyland are just a few of the places holding priceless objects that are being protected by UV protection window film.

UV Protection Window Film Applications

  • Homes with cherished, irreplaceable artwork or other possessions that could be damaged by harmful UV rays.
  • Residences with valuable flooring, cabinets or furniture that should be protected from sun damage & fading.

What does it mean for me?

  • Shield your floors, cabinets & furniture from fading & sun damage.
  • Keep valuables from fading.
  • Maintain the brightness of works of art.
  • Stop window sill sun damage.
  • Protect valuable window coverings from fading & deterioration.

SunGlo UV Protection Products

  • All products offered by SunGlo eliminate 99.9% of the harmful UV rays & serve as UV protection window film.

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