Commercial & Residential Window Tinting

Affordable energy efficiency is the not so distant future. Renewable energy such as wind, solar, ice, and nuclear will be large scale providers for our buildings and homes. These technologies will provide an important opportunity for our society to transition away from coal energy.

energy-conservation1Regardless of the source, we yearn to use less energy without changing our quality of life. Like hybrid cars and efficient appliances, solar window film WILL reduce the energy consumption of most buildings.

Residential window tinting is not only affordable, but an effective form of conservation. Solar window film saves energy through:

  • Keeping filmed buildings cooler in the summer by minimizing the presence of heat producing infrared rays.
  • Retaining heat during the winter by providing insulation for filmed windows. Solar film increases the U-factor of less efficient windows.
  • Reduce HVAC strain by preventing hotspots in large buildings. Hotspots can create situations where the air conditioning system will be running in one area of the building and heat simultaneously in another.
  • Retrofitting older, less efficient windows, increasing their effectiveness.

Using solar window film as residential window tint is a smart way for you to upgrade the efficiency of your current windows.