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Decorative Window Film Is The Best Way To Enhance The Look of Your Building’s Windows

Window film is a versatile decorative & view control technology.  It is common that decorative or frosted glass is added to buildings for privacy & ambiance.  Decorative film & frosted glass window film offer a comparable effect, but provide the owner the ability to alter the look of the glass at a fraction of the cost.  Decorative window film is the highest value & most appealing long-term solution to view control issues.

Decorative film can be custom printed in any pattern, look, color, or design you require!

Decorative Film Applications

  • Offices & conference rooms requiring added privacy.
  • Areas needing creative window designs & decorations.
  • Buildings needing to control inward visibility.
  • Areas of extreme glare.

What does it mean for me?

  • Add frosted or decorative glass without the tremendous cost.
  • Control visibility without buying new glass.
  • Solve window privacy & glare issues in concentrated & unique areas.
  • Creative looks & designs.
  • Replace the need for blinds where privacy is desired.

SunGlo’s Decorative Window Film Products

  • Madico Decolite Products – A high quality, American made line of frosted glass and patterned window film.
  • Madico Black/White Out – Film used to completely cancel out visible light or view. This film looks much like vinyl.
  • Solyx – SunGlo is a distributor of the Solyx; a diverse, high quality line of specialty decorative window film products.