Learn about the Denver clear bra products offered by Denver Auto Tint.Superior Quality Denver Clear Bra Products

Denver Auto Tint is a professional Denver clear bra shop. We pride ourselves in the quality of the clear bra products that we offer & the skills of our talented and experienced installers. To go along with our skilled installers we offer superior quality clear bra (or paint protection film) products.

Upgraded | Llumar Platinum

Denver Auto Tint’s primary clear bra material is the spectacular Llumar Platinum paint protection film. Llumar Platinum is the premier paint protection material in the industry. With improved hydrophobic performance, a self-healing surface and a TEN-YEAR WARRANTY, it is the ultimate defense for your paint!

Llumar Platinum clear bra is an American Made product with durability that matches 3M and much improved clarity. In addition to the improved clarity, it offers industry leading self-healing properties that keep the film looking great for years. When heat is applied to the paint protection film layer, surface scratches disappear! Plus, the improved hydrophobic layer on the Platinum series not only protects your paint from salt and chemicals, but also keeps this area of your vehicle cleaner longer (similar to the performance of a Ceramic Coating).

The superior product that you get from Llumar over the standard 3M film is well worth a 20% cost increase. However, we NO LONGER CHARGE for the upgrade to Llumar clear bra application! We believe that Llumar Platinum is a superior paint protection film that everyone should enjoy.

Manufacturer: Llumar
Price: Same price as our previous Standard 3M
Why Buy Llumar Platinum: The beautiful clarity & excellent durability of Llumar paint protection film is tops in the industry. One of our favorite parts of this product is that it offers an excellent self-healing property that heals surface scratches anytime heat is applied to the film. This is a premium clear bra material that is worthy of any vehicle. Plus, Llumar Platinum comes with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY where most competitive material is only five years.


Denver Auto Tint’s standard clear bra is the fabled 3M paint protection film. It is an very good product with excellent durability. While it is not quite a friendly to install, this line (or one of its sister lines) has become the industry standard for clear bra application across the country.

Manufacturer: 3M
Price: Affordable
Why Buy 3M: Consistency is the main reason to buy the standard 3M clear bra. It is tried and true. While it is not the easiest to install and not quite as clear, it is an affordable way to get consistent performance.

Denver Auto Tint no longer offers 3M clear bra. The clarity & workability of the product is inferior to products offered by Llumar. We have decided to include our Upgraded clear bra product for no additional charge to all customers.

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