Increase The Strength Of Your Glass With C-Bond Secure

C-Bond Secure is a nanotechnology created to be applied during window film installation and designed to substantially increase glass strength, improve glass flexibility and enhance the film-to-glass performance. Used as the mounting solution (or primer) for window film installation, C-Bond seamlessly integrates into your planned window film installation and improves the long-term overall strength and flexibility of your glass.

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C-Bond increases the strength and flexibility of your current glass by curing natural, non-visible flaws that are present on all glass surfaces. These imperfections are weak points in your glass. By bonding to these areas, C-Bond Secure transforms your glass into a stable structure that is able to withstand greater stress.

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C-Bond Application

C-Bond Secure is applied to your glass during the installation of any typical solar or security window film product. It can be applied one of two ways:

  1. Primer | Sprayed on the glass prior to installation. It is left on the glass for approximately 5 minutes. At that time the remaining solution is removed and the window film installation goes on as normal.
  2. Mounting Solution | Used as the mounting solution sprayed on your glass right before film installation to activate the adhesive of the window film material.

SunGlo utilizes both application methods depending on the glass and film material being installed. There is no performance difference between these two methods.

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