Commercial and Home Window Tinting Service Brands from SunGlo Window Films

At SunGlo Window Films, we pride ourselves on offering premium quality window tinting products. SunGlo works with two primary manufactures for solar & security window tinting: Madico Window Films & V-KOOL. We are very proud to say that both manufactures still produce all of their window films in the United States!


Madico Window Films was founded in 1968 in Massachusetts.  Madico offers a full line of solar, security, decorative & automotive window tint. Madico business is the production of window film & other thin-film technologies. They have premium manufacturing facilities in Woburn, MA  & St. Petersburg, FL. SunGlo Window Films is one of four companies in Colorado that are in Madico’s premium dealer program; Sunscape. Sunscape dealers like SunGlo have been vetted in their installation quality & business practices. They are an elite group that get exclusive access to Madico’s premium product line. Ask your SunGlo Consultant about Madico’s Sunscape products!


V-KOOL was founded in 1994 and is operated in Houston, TX. V-KOOL is a very specialized window film manufacture that produces very light, clear films that reduce tremendous amounts of heat. If you are interested in reducing heat with the smallest change to the look of your windows, V-KOOL is the industry leader that you are looking for. SunGlo Window Films is the only V-KOOL dealer in Colorado.

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Madico’s Sunscape