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Madico’s Shadow (Tier One)

Madico’s Shadow brand of window tinting products are excellent quality, American Made films that provide excellent value. Shadow is a beautiful tint that has an incredibly long duration of color stability. While Tier One products are also quite affordable, they do not reduce any significant amount of heat build up in your vehicle. This line comes in a variety of darkness ratings & comes with a LIMITED LIFE-TIME WARRANTY.

Pros: Beautiful tint that protects you and your vehicle from UV damage.
Cons: Tier One products do not reduce a significant amount of heat coming into your vehicle.

Tier one denver window tinting prices.

Madico’s Black Pearl High Performance (Tier Two)
Black Pearl HP is just that: High Performance! Black Pearl HP products are premium quality films, American Made films designed for a gorgeous look on your vehicle while offering premium heat reduction performance. HP also reduces 99.9% of harmful Ultra Violet light from entering your vehicle and causing damage. The Black Pearl line comes in a variety of darkness ratings & our prices include a LIMITED LIFE-TIME WARRANTY.

Pros: Heat reduction, cosmetics, privacy and UV protection all in one. Black Pearl HP does everything you want at a great value.
Cons: None.

Denver Auto Tint's tier two window tinting prices.Madico’s Wincos IR Blocking Non-Metal Film (Tier Three)

Wincos is the best performing window tint in the industry. Wincos is a non-metal, nano technology film designed to reduce Infrared solar energy and dramatically reduce the heat coming into your vehicle. The unique thing about Wincos is that this product reduces tremendous heat at all darkness ratings. Tier Three auto tinting products will also stop Ultra Violet damage and provide you that gorgeous look you need. The Wincos line comes in a variety of darkness ratings from 70% to 4% & our prices include a LIMITED LIFE-TIME WARRANTY.

Pros: The best heat reducing tint at all darknesses in our industry. Even the clear Wincos is a tremendous heat reducer… You will also receive the beautiful look and UV protection you are looking for.
Cons: None.

Tier three premium denver auto tint.

 *Prices subject to change. Client to confirm exact pricing, measurements and other job specific information before time of install. 

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