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Protect your home with residential security window film.

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Security Window Film Demonstrations

Window with no film:

With Security Window Films & Attachment:

Residential Security Window Film Details

Security window film is a thick, clear layer of window film that is applied to the inside or outside of current windows to increase the structural integrity of those windows. Functionally, security film works by holding the glass together even after it is broken. By doing this, potential intruders are forced to pierce the film or break out the entire pane to gain entry. Working as a deterrent, security film is effective in slowing down or challenging would-be intruders.

Home security window film adheres glass together preventing glass shards from flying through the air when force is applied to the protected window. With greater thickness, it creates a safer environment during: intrusions, natural disasters, bomb blasts, & accidental damage.

The September 11th terrorist attack revealed vulnerability and the need for safety in Government & commercial buildings. After this horrific attack, Congress spent $5 billion on the installation of security window film in the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, and the White House. In events like the Oklahoma City Bombing, window film could have saved lives by reducing the amount of flying glass shards.

Applications for Security Window Film

  • Homes with vulnerable or high-traffic windows.
  • Homes that could be targets for dangerous intruders.
  • For homeowners interested in deterring theft.

What does it mean for me?

  • Slows intruders, forcing them to take time & make noise to gain entry.
  • Increase the security of your windows without changing the appearance.
  • Potential substitute for bars on your windows.
  • Increase the safety & security of your CURRENT windows.

SunGlo Residential Security Window Film Products

  • Madico CL – Quality, American made security window film products ranging from 4 to 14 mils thick.
  • Madico CL Blister Free – A unique product that allows the application of security window film to Plexi-Glass without the long-term damage that is seen when using standard films.
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